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Thousands of people greeted their president: “In our country people are dying, it is up to us to bring peace”

TORONTO – The last time they had left Toronto with a promise. Now they’ve found, always at the Holiday Inn on Dixon Road, with the certainty that the Mareeg is no longer an idea or a dream but a real state ready to swear allegiance to Somalia. This explained President Sheikh Dayib Mohaud Ahmed in his meeting with the Somali community in Toronto. Expert in diplomatic relations and general manager of Universal TV in North America, was appointed in June to take forward the project of establishment of the State of Mareeg, a federal state within the Somali nation . His arrival at Pearson was greeted by a big party: one hundred people have been waiting Mareeg waving flags and he has not escaped and embraced his people that even in Canada has high expectations and is confident in the success of his project. But the highlight was meeting ahead of Saturday when over a thousand people, says his goal Dayib that arrive within two years to “put things in place, ensuring the order and giving back to somali hope of a future away from violence and conflicts. ” “There’s a big difference between the Somalis who live far from their country and those that are there – he said – there people are afraid, can not provide education to their children and above all it is forced to live from day to day without the hope of a better future. ” The first goal for the new ruling class is to solve as soon as the threat posed by the extremist insurgent group Al-Shabaab, which terrifies the people for years and actually prevents the same as Somalia to be reborn as a country. “We have everything you need to go back to being what we have always been – he said – we do not really miss anything.

We have endless natural resources, fishing, farming, we have an airport. We need to reorganize and resolve the internal problems with the Al-Shabaab and establish peaceful and cooperative relations with other countries around us. With them we have to intensify trade and collaborate so that there is peace.” The not-so-hidden connection Dayib Mohaud Sheikh Ahmed was present as a state pilot Mareeg then continue with the stabilization of other territories themselves threatened by the extremist Al-Shabaab . Once you have found peace, order restored, the efficient administration Mareeg you will have to go further and extend the “found peace” throughout Somalia. On the political representatives of Mareeg are already working with the Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Abdiweli. “In recent months we have visited Somalia and we met several Somali communities around the world – he continued – is truly amazing that all the support we are giving. Our people realize that this is the right way, and has high hopes for us. What we want to do is give back to Mareeg stability and then we’ll go from our neighbors to know what we’ve done and apply the same thing in those territories which are still victims of terror.”

National elections to be held next years are seen as a crucial appointment for the fate of the entire Somalia. “We must put things right in our house, we will then gradually the others – he explained – if we look at what is happening in Somalia, we must pause and think: people are dying, there is too much chaos and no one seems to find a solution that functions. But not so: because Somalia is not as fragmented as many claim. All the Somalis want a united Somalia, and many people who have migrated, would one day be able to return to their homeland. ” Work in Mareeg proceed quickly: after the adoption of the Constitution and the appointment of the President, two Vice-Presidents were also chosen, the speaker of parliament, two vice presidents of the parliament, 23 MPs, nine ministers, three regional governors, deputy governors for 2 each region, 20 district presidents, 20 vice-presidents and the district police commander.

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